Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Angel has gotten her wings.



"I have been blessed enough to love and be loved by a magnificent man." Few could hope for words of simplicity and bliss in life. Susan Lyon Fox, 64, passed away February 8, 2012, after a 17 year battle with ALS. The second of four sisters, Susan was born to John and Kathryn Lyon in Elmherst, IL. At the precocious age of 16, she graduated as a classmate of future President Bill Clinton from Hot Springs High in 1964; moving on to UMKC where she would graduate with a degree in Speech. She would marry the love of her life Gary D. Fox, in 1972, having 2 sons, Gunner and Tyler. She enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing, ultimately heading a Fortune 500 company, US Filter-Jet Tech. The piano was one of many passions she enjoyed in life; music, film, friends and smiles among them. Susan was preceded in death by her mother and father. She is survived by husband Gary Fox, sons Gunner and Tyler; sisters Lynda, Marcia, Nancy; in- laws Tom (Helen), Carol (Everett), Kathie (Pat); and nieces/nephews Sherry, Tom, Doug, Chris, Jeff and Sarah. As she was fond of saying, she is now one with 'the Force.' May the Force be with you, always. Donations are welcome to ALS Association, Keith Worthington Chapter. (
Published in Kansas City Star from February 15 to February 16, 2012

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The best Halloween EVA!!!!!

 Without a doubt, Halloween has become my favorite holiday.  I decorate for days from a stash in the basement that has become twice the size of my Christmas stash.  No one but the cat comes by for treats
and she pretty much wants the same kibb-ly treats as always.  It doesn't matter tho' because I do it just for me.  This year there was a giant treat for me.  I won Carolyn's box of goodies from the drawing she had

on her website HOMEWORK.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


All Hallow's Eve

I love Halloween and fall and candy corn, popcorn, cider, trick or treat bags, pumpkins, costuming as a Junk Gypsy.  Ah yes.....
Fast Forward!!!  I haven't had too much to say for a long while.  My vet of 30 years made an "over confident" diagnosis of my cat's health. Since I had the utmost faith in his professional knowledge I followed his suggestions and almost put my cat down.
I bought her an expensive can of grain-free food as her "last meal".  Within three hours I learned that my cat's ill health was being caused by her food and the not hepatitis.  Her liver enzymes were high because of all the pills I was trying to stuff down her.  I cancelled the appointment with my vet to have the "final shot".  Actually I cancelled my vet for all time.
She has gained weight and is a very happy feline eating her grain-free food.
You have a relationship with your furbabies.  You need to trust your intuition and the messages that your pet sends you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Gone too long.....

Much to explain to myself and others.  Let's face it....I have been very distracted!  I saw a commercial for Pan Am last night and the episode was about the mandatory "girdle".  The stewardess was on unpaid leave for not having her girdle on during a flight.  I am histerical because, if anyone remembers, I wrote a  piece last year about throwing mine away in the ladies room at the airport many years ago.  I can't wait to see the first episode. I may have to back comb my hair and dawn my spanx!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Inferior Weekend

Thank you to Lemoncholy's Flight for allowing me to borrow her artwork. It did speak to me and I needed it here.
Friday was a beautiful day and too nice not to be out in the long awaited sunshine. I started out to get some lunch at Whole Foods; but a long the way, my eye caught the GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs for Border's Book Store. I had to go in. I was not there for the bargains necessarily; but to say goodbye to my old friend. I went into the middle of the store in the big wide aisle where I had spent so many Christmas' past waiting to check out with my bounty. Now, just a few people rummaged through what was left on the shelves. The coffee shop was barricaded with the tables and chairs stacked high. Signs were posted on every jumbled chair. We are closed. Do not enter. Darkness here where I had sipped so many lattes. I remembered the day that I discovered I could WiFi with my notebook. There wasn't even a stale smell of that wonderful coffee. All gone.
I found a knitting book that I didn't own already and quickly left. So many memories. Somehow I just felt a bit smarter and more worldly in that store.
I moved on to Whole Foods to get a salad. While I wondered through the store looking for things to take my mind off of Border's demise, I noticed something.
Why are there so many unhealthy looking people in this store? Okay, my beautiful spring day is not working for me. I think I will just go home.
After beginning to unwind; suddenly my 15 year old cat jumped out of her chair and moaned and threw up everything she had eaten in recent times.