Sunday, July 11, 2010

and so I begin...

Hello and welcome.  The thoughts for this blog came to be last winter.  The weather was particularly bad and I had a lot of time indoors to plan craftiness and to ....think.  I was distracting myself from the overall blah's that the ongoing snow and ice made apparent.  The motivation for "women distracted" was my next door neighbor who was going through colon cancer radiation and chemo treatment.  I went to visit her in the hospital after her surgery and was amazed by her convictions.  The day that we were digging our cars out of 4 foot snowdrifts; she insisted on helping to shovel and got one of the cars out of the snowbank that we had declared "stuck".  She clearly was distracted by the fact that she was going to get through her treatments and she was going to get on with her life.

I am truly "a woman distracted" however.  This is me going to the basement to get the laundry and on the way I have an idea and start to knit a scarf.  I have the best intention of making a swatch to see how I like the stitches.  Fortunately on a trip to the basement to get my acrylics paints, I realize that I didn't put the clothes into the dryer.
I can work on the scarf while I watch "The Closer".  In the meantime I paint a small piece to begin a mixed medium collage to be titled "Feeling Good".   It's a good day.

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