Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rubberized stretch nylon fabric.

And so......
I climb aboard the bus with the others. We are the  girls who need "a little grooming help" from the beauty salon.  Fortunately, my needs are not as great as some of the girls.  My hair needs to be toned down, but the length is okay.  Too many are saddened to find out that hair can not be longer than 1 inch below the shoulder and are going for a "shearing".  An emotional day in 1969.
Besides the responsibility of serving meals and cocktails and being prepared to take necessary safety measures; proper grooming is a MUST.   Hair must be clean and styled at all times while in uniform.  Nails are polished or buffed.  Support stockings are recommended and must never have tears or runs.  A supervisor can write you up for any of these grooming errors on an actual flight.
The biggest ongoing event during training is a student's weight.  Weight charts appropriate for heights are posted in the training manual.  If  a girl is over her weight allowance at the end of training, there will be a delay in the beginning job start.  Ex-Lax is the laxative of choice.  There is one bathroom in each dorm room and students try to alternate a "skinny" with "five pounds over" per room to avoid accidents.  Fortunately I was a "skinny" who had lied about weighing more on my application and, outside of grooming, was fast in the bathroom.
I've got my wings!!!!
It is recommended that a well fitted undergarment ( that would be the rubberized stretch nylon girdle) be worn to keep the bottom from excessive jiggling while walking up the aisle of an aircraft.  Again, why I love the women of Mad Men.  Surely the most exciting day comes when I am fitted for my uniform.  My uniform is the first "mod" uniform in bright colors of green, melon and gold.  The length of the uniform is about 3 inches above the knee.  An ugly thought passes quickly of bending down to help someone and having a glimpse of the "girdle" peek out.  Long story...short; about a month after I started flying, I left that rubber nylon nightmare in a trash can in Detroit.  Nothing was jiggling and my intestines protested too much.  Since there are many Don Draper's dropping things for you to pick up in that short uniform, I bought some hot coral pantaloons with lace to wear under my uniform.  Here, you see...check this out.

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Ro Magnolia said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know whether to laugh or cry! I'm loving the hot coral panties you put on just to make a point ... but the idea of being told by your bosses that you had to wear a girdle to prevent your bottom from jiggling is just outrageous! So much sexism in your job when you were starting out - it's just hard for me to imagine any employer getting away with that kind of behaviour ... Wow, have times changed!

Anyway, thank you for your kind comments about my dear cat Kroompli. He sure will be missed, he was such a fun little character! In answer to your question, I gave him the name "Kroompli" because it means potato in Hungarian which is sort of a term of endearment in Hungarian. They will call a child a "little potato" like the French say "mon petit choux" or the way we might call someone our "little sweet pea".

My husband is of Hungarian descent and since were just newly married when I brought home these two little kittens, I wanted to ensure that my husband would like them so I thought by giving them Hungarian names it would help. Kroompli's brother was named "Czardas" which is the name of a famous Hungarian violin song/dance. I have since discovered that my husband absolutely loves cats and it wouldn't have mattered what I called the little guys, he loved them right away anyway.

Poor little Czardas was killed on the road outside of our house when the 2 of them were 8 months old. After that, Kroompli wasn't allowed outside and became a totally indoor cat. Unfortunately, that didn't stop him from getting the cancer. But it did give him 8 more years of wonderful life in which he was very much loved.