Saturday, November 5, 2011

The best Halloween EVA!!!!!

 Without a doubt, Halloween has become my favorite holiday.  I decorate for days from a stash in the basement that has become twice the size of my Christmas stash.  No one but the cat comes by for treats
and she pretty much wants the same kibb-ly treats as always.  It doesn't matter tho' because I do it just for me.  This year there was a giant treat for me.  I won Carolyn's box of goodies from the drawing she had

on her website HOMEWORK.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


All Hallow's Eve

I love Halloween and fall and candy corn, popcorn, cider, trick or treat bags, pumpkins, costuming as a Junk Gypsy.  Ah yes.....
Fast Forward!!!  I haven't had too much to say for a long while.  My vet of 30 years made an "over confident" diagnosis of my cat's health. Since I had the utmost faith in his professional knowledge I followed his suggestions and almost put my cat down.
I bought her an expensive can of grain-free food as her "last meal".  Within three hours I learned that my cat's ill health was being caused by her food and the not hepatitis.  Her liver enzymes were high because of all the pills I was trying to stuff down her.  I cancelled the appointment with my vet to have the "final shot".  Actually I cancelled my vet for all time.
She has gained weight and is a very happy feline eating her grain-free food.
You have a relationship with your furbabies.  You need to trust your intuition and the messages that your pet sends you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Gone too long.....

Much to explain to myself and others.  Let's face it....I have been very distracted!  I saw a commercial for Pan Am last night and the episode was about the mandatory "girdle".  The stewardess was on unpaid leave for not having her girdle on during a flight.  I am histerical because, if anyone remembers, I wrote a  piece last year about throwing mine away in the ladies room at the airport many years ago.  I can't wait to see the first episode. I may have to back comb my hair and dawn my spanx!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Inferior Weekend

Thank you to Lemoncholy's Flight for allowing me to borrow her artwork. It did speak to me and I needed it here.
Friday was a beautiful day and too nice not to be out in the long awaited sunshine. I started out to get some lunch at Whole Foods; but a long the way, my eye caught the GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs for Border's Book Store. I had to go in. I was not there for the bargains necessarily; but to say goodbye to my old friend. I went into the middle of the store in the big wide aisle where I had spent so many Christmas' past waiting to check out with my bounty. Now, just a few people rummaged through what was left on the shelves. The coffee shop was barricaded with the tables and chairs stacked high. Signs were posted on every jumbled chair. We are closed. Do not enter. Darkness here where I had sipped so many lattes. I remembered the day that I discovered I could WiFi with my notebook. There wasn't even a stale smell of that wonderful coffee. All gone.
I found a knitting book that I didn't own already and quickly left. So many memories. Somehow I just felt a bit smarter and more worldly in that store.
I moved on to Whole Foods to get a salad. While I wondered through the store looking for things to take my mind off of Border's demise, I noticed something.
Why are there so many unhealthy looking people in this store? Okay, my beautiful spring day is not working for me. I think I will just go home.
After beginning to unwind; suddenly my 15 year old cat jumped out of her chair and moaned and threw up everything she had eaten in recent times.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Madame Alexander's AMY

I was eleven years old when I asked for and received my Madame Alexander doll for Christmas. It was 1960 and I was perhaps old enough to own such an expensive doll. I read "Little Women" many times and still have my copy from 1957. I couldn't see the movie enough and would sneak out and watch it if it came on The Million Dollar Late Show. I wanted all of the dolls, but had to choose one. I thought and thought. Which one was most like me? Oh, how I wanted to be Jo, so strong and giving. I wanted to be Beth, so kind and caring. Alas, I decided that I was definitely Amy. Christmas morning she was propped against the chair by the fireplace just as all Christmas dolls were. Amy was magnificent in the blue and gold Madame Alexander box.

I took care of this doll. I did not dye her hair with mercurochrome as I had my Miss Revlon doll. I didn't give her any haircuts. I didn't stuff her in the pipe of the sump pump and see how far she could water board out into the yard. I didn't give her a make-over with dark red polish. I just washed and ironed her clothes and straightened any fly away hairs. She grew up with me and lived in many different places and homes. Once her rubber band between her arms broke and my husband took her to immediate surgery for repair. Other than that and the loss of her original pettiloons (I think I washed them once too many times) she remains the same today. I have had my Amy for 51 years.

Sometimes I think about donating her to the Doll Museum. I don't want her to end up in a garage sale if something goes wrong and I wear out too soon. I haven't been able to part with her yet. I just bet on the fact that I will have a few more lucid years and take my chances.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Night Fairy

Today would be my dad's 95th birthday in our spectrum, but as a spirit in the universe this number might be incorrect. I was totally a "daddy's girl". After my two brothers were born he really wanted to have a girl and that was me and I was his chum...his buddy.
I wrote this story in 1996 for my website. My family liked it so well that I was asked to read it at my father's funeral. Since it is his earth terra day, I would like to share it here.
The Night Fairy

In my bedroom, when I finally go to sleep at night, there is a reflection on the wall. It is created by the window box outside my window, the globe light across the street, and the mini-blinds in my window. As I wait for sleep time, I think of things that I want to accomplish in the days ahead. I have more things that I want to create than perhaps life that I have left. Over the years, I have taken criticism for being a "night owl". You, who are also afflicted, know what I mean.
It has never been a deficiency I could correct. It isn't a matter of going to sleep because I need my rest, or because that seems to be what the populace does at night.
From my earliest recollection, I was a nocturnal being. I can remember as a child being in bed at night and hearing the silent "night sounds", except for an occasional turn or "snarf for air". I was busy making mountains and valleys out of my covers and seeing what faces existed in the rosebud wallpaper. The worst part about my creative ambitions was that it was dark, and difficult to see the magic.
A seemingly uneventful happening led to new excitement in my juvenile nocturnal existence. I lost a bit of white enamel from my mouth, which wrapped in a tissue, was to summon the tooth fairy.
Having carefully placed the package under my pillow, I awaited the magical being who would come and collect my tooth and leave something wonderful. Time passed, gnarlies formed in the rose bud wallpaper, but no fairy of any kind.
Morning was irritating. It came just about the time I was really getting into the best fantasies. ((((((BALLLLAAAANG!!!!))))) Alarm sounds and it is business as usual. Get up. Get dressed. Eat cardboard food with milk poured over it. Please...I'll catch the next bus.
Should I slide my hand under the pillow? Surely the night fairy did not come. She knew I was awake and waiting for her. But there is something. What can it be beneath my beloved feather pillow? With great anticipation I slide my prize out into the daylight. Packaged in cardboard under a plastic bubble pack is a penlight flashlight. Oh what happiness...what joy!! The fairy understands me. I can hardly wait for night to descend. I will be able to illuminate the night!
Over the course of my enamel losses, I acquired a great library of Superman comics and Golden library books; all lit by my precious penlight globe. Only once did the fairy confuse me. Waking one morning, I felt a cramp in my neck. My pillow was at an odd tilt. Extracting the lump from my pillow produced a trio set of PLA-DOUGH. What can you do with clay at night...even with the penlight?
I never did meet the mystical phantom of the night known only as the "tooth fairy". The only hint I had of its existence was the faint smell of vanilla and cherry wafting through the air after a visit.

One time, after I was old enough to stay up at night, I went with my dad to close the family business; and I did see where the "tooth fairy" kept its stash of goodies. There in the dark of the store was the wonderful scent of vanilla and cherry cigar smoke as my dad worked to close out the days receipts.

My Virtual Bed and Breakfast Inn

What came out of months of writing html and writing stories and editing art and pictures was a website called "Aneezas Cottage - a virtual bed and breakfast inn. It was a Victorian masterpiece, a painted lady beyond explanation. Each room had a different story or artpiece. The dining room was full of recipes. I knew I had achieved my goals when people started emailing me and asking me for reservations and directions to Aneezas Cottage.
I would have a glass of wine and go to the music room and listen to the music.
The library consisted of stories and poems that I have written. In my next post I want to share a story that I wrote from the library.


Okay, this new experience communicating with the entire world, quickly made me an addict. I would go to my job and work normally and do my chores. Once in bed at night I would begin to plan. Pretending to sleep, I waited for the first "SNARF" of air that meant my husband was going to sleep. I would wait for 30 minutes until I knew he was sleeping soundly. Slowly I crept; one foot then the calf, the other foot and rolling the hips now towards the edge of the bed. My cat is there at the side of the bed pacing in circles. She is ready to begin. I know the place in the floor where you have to step wide of the boards so it doesn't creak. Two more steps and I make it to the hallway. Stop a moment, listen to the sounds and yes, there is still quiet.
Suddenly I am communicating with people all over the world. Goldie, somewhere in Georgia, is helping me with transloading. Pink Cadillac in California likes my writing. The man somewhere in Asia who has developed the "transloader" is telling my how to use it in very broken English. I felt guilty like I was having an affair, but what an incredible rush. Each time I performed a task correctly I would sit and stare in awe for a time. I began to quit smoking. The cigarettes just burned up and smelled horrible. I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that I didn't have a free hand for the "smoke". I always promised that I would just work for a little while and go to bed. All too often the sun would be coming up and I realize that I have been at it all night.
One morning my husband poked his head in the room at 5:30 and said, "Do you want me to get you some help?"

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I remember the moment. I told my husband about this new "box" called a WebTV. Neither of us were computer savvy other than recognizing one when we passed by it. I convinced the Mr. that we could get emails and internet without any of the scary stuff. I thought it would make a great Christmas gift for us. He wasn't as excited as I was. However, the night that we were sitting on the edge of the bed when I finally had it hooked up and the WebTV tune came on, we both gasped for air. The box connected to the tv and so magically the internet (with or without Al Gore) appeared in place of BRAVO. We spent hours thinking of user names; dashed when we had the perfect one, but it was not available. We had a new young kitten who also seemed to marvel at whatever had such a hold on us. We all just rotated around in the bed leaving "roads" through the bedding where we had been two hours earlier. I felt savvy as though I was "with it".
I read the book that came with the WebTV and found it to be incredibly simple. Here is what to do - if you are 6 years old. After one week I was like a junkie with a score. I could not leave it alone. Inside the box were people with incredible knowledge about the box and how it worked. I was possessed. I had a tablet and I wrote down every detail of every place I found....incredibly long http:'s and everything I found once I got there. This alone took a great deal of time. Somehow, after making email addy's and setting up the home page, I found a post about HTML. I was just going to have a peak....curious. I spent four hours reading and learning about this and of course I had to try everything that I learned about. People were creating "domains" and websites. It was my candy. I have to say up front here that you could not download things on the WebTV. You could only upload and TRANSLOAD (a story in itself).


My friend Lin

Dedicated and distracted. I have only known Lin for a couple of years, but I have learned so much from knowing her. She is the leader of a small art group that I belong to. She is doing battle now with pancreatic cancer. She had just overcome a long series of tests to find out that she had celiac disease and had learned how to prepare foods and conquer this problem. Honestly, she looked better 6 months ago than I had seen her look in our short friendship. She lost weight; her color was great and she seemed to have a new motivation. She had designs and plans and endless talent. To quote her family "make some memories right now". I don't want her to be gone.