Saturday, January 15, 2011


I remember the moment. I told my husband about this new "box" called a WebTV. Neither of us were computer savvy other than recognizing one when we passed by it. I convinced the Mr. that we could get emails and internet without any of the scary stuff. I thought it would make a great Christmas gift for us. He wasn't as excited as I was. However, the night that we were sitting on the edge of the bed when I finally had it hooked up and the WebTV tune came on, we both gasped for air. The box connected to the tv and so magically the internet (with or without Al Gore) appeared in place of BRAVO. We spent hours thinking of user names; dashed when we had the perfect one, but it was not available. We had a new young kitten who also seemed to marvel at whatever had such a hold on us. We all just rotated around in the bed leaving "roads" through the bedding where we had been two hours earlier. I felt savvy as though I was "with it".
I read the book that came with the WebTV and found it to be incredibly simple. Here is what to do - if you are 6 years old. After one week I was like a junkie with a score. I could not leave it alone. Inside the box were people with incredible knowledge about the box and how it worked. I was possessed. I had a tablet and I wrote down every detail of every place I found....incredibly long http:'s and everything I found once I got there. This alone took a great deal of time. Somehow, after making email addy's and setting up the home page, I found a post about HTML. I was just going to have a peak....curious. I spent four hours reading and learning about this and of course I had to try everything that I learned about. People were creating "domains" and websites. It was my candy. I have to say up front here that you could not download things on the WebTV. You could only upload and TRANSLOAD (a story in itself).


My friend Lin

Dedicated and distracted. I have only known Lin for a couple of years, but I have learned so much from knowing her. She is the leader of a small art group that I belong to. She is doing battle now with pancreatic cancer. She had just overcome a long series of tests to find out that she had celiac disease and had learned how to prepare foods and conquer this problem. Honestly, she looked better 6 months ago than I had seen her look in our short friendship. She lost weight; her color was great and she seemed to have a new motivation. She had designs and plans and endless talent. To quote her family "make some memories right now". I don't want her to be gone.