Friday, February 18, 2011


Okay, this new experience communicating with the entire world, quickly made me an addict. I would go to my job and work normally and do my chores. Once in bed at night I would begin to plan. Pretending to sleep, I waited for the first "SNARF" of air that meant my husband was going to sleep. I would wait for 30 minutes until I knew he was sleeping soundly. Slowly I crept; one foot then the calf, the other foot and rolling the hips now towards the edge of the bed. My cat is there at the side of the bed pacing in circles. She is ready to begin. I know the place in the floor where you have to step wide of the boards so it doesn't creak. Two more steps and I make it to the hallway. Stop a moment, listen to the sounds and yes, there is still quiet.
Suddenly I am communicating with people all over the world. Goldie, somewhere in Georgia, is helping me with transloading. Pink Cadillac in California likes my writing. The man somewhere in Asia who has developed the "transloader" is telling my how to use it in very broken English. I felt guilty like I was having an affair, but what an incredible rush. Each time I performed a task correctly I would sit and stare in awe for a time. I began to quit smoking. The cigarettes just burned up and smelled horrible. I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that I didn't have a free hand for the "smoke". I always promised that I would just work for a little while and go to bed. All too often the sun would be coming up and I realize that I have been at it all night.
One morning my husband poked his head in the room at 5:30 and said, "Do you want me to get you some help?"

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stampgram said...

Have you been spying through my windows? I swear this could be me. LOL For over 20 years my hubby traveled with his work. He would be gone for two or three weeks at a time, sometimes only home for the weekend, hardly ever for more than a week. I was a mom at home with four kids. The days were busy and hectic but the nights belonged to me. I could sew, craft, bake, create to my heart's content with no interruptions.

Then we moved to Wyoming and he changed careers. Home every night, and every day too at first, as he took most of a year off to build our home. I thought I would go crazy!

I would go to the store and when I got home he wanted to know what took so long, "I thought you had car trouble." "No, just ran into a friend and we went for a soft drink." He thought it was thoughtless of me to not let him know I was delayed, I thought, "are you kidding, you never cared before."

Finally one day I had had it and blew up
and blasted him with all of this and more: "I am not a child, you do not have to check up on me." "Rest assured if I had problems I do know how to use a phone." "For all these years you have been gone I had to take care of things myself, and did just fine." "I have been used to being my own boss, coming and going when and where I wished, and if you have a problem with that it is your problem, not mine. You created this situation by your career choice so now you have to live with it." He thought he was being a concerned husband, I thought he was smothering me. Fortunately we worked it out and are still married all these 20+ years later.

But one point of contention still kind of bugs him...this night owl thing. He needs twice as much sleep as I do, and wants to go to bed between 9 and 10. I am usually just getting started on some project about that time. I used to go to bed, lay there and listen to the every night sound, watch the light of the moon move across the room, and be frustrated because I was "supposed to be sleeping". Finally I just decided that I could not adjust my inner clock to someone else's so now I do what I want. If I am tired I go to bed, if not I may be up until 1 or 2 doing my own thing. He gets more rest, I can actually go to sleep when I do go to bed, and things are much better. And his old complaint that he doesn't sleep well when I am not there has been proven not to be true. It was just a matter of getting used to it.

Thanks for your awesome blog. I am enjoying it very much. And thanks for coming to my new blog...You are my first visitor! That was quick too.