Monday, April 4, 2011

My Inferior Weekend

Thank you to Lemoncholy's Flight for allowing me to borrow her artwork. It did speak to me and I needed it here.
Friday was a beautiful day and too nice not to be out in the long awaited sunshine. I started out to get some lunch at Whole Foods; but a long the way, my eye caught the GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs for Border's Book Store. I had to go in. I was not there for the bargains necessarily; but to say goodbye to my old friend. I went into the middle of the store in the big wide aisle where I had spent so many Christmas' past waiting to check out with my bounty. Now, just a few people rummaged through what was left on the shelves. The coffee shop was barricaded with the tables and chairs stacked high. Signs were posted on every jumbled chair. We are closed. Do not enter. Darkness here where I had sipped so many lattes. I remembered the day that I discovered I could WiFi with my notebook. There wasn't even a stale smell of that wonderful coffee. All gone.
I found a knitting book that I didn't own already and quickly left. So many memories. Somehow I just felt a bit smarter and more worldly in that store.
I moved on to Whole Foods to get a salad. While I wondered through the store looking for things to take my mind off of Border's demise, I noticed something.
Why are there so many unhealthy looking people in this store? Okay, my beautiful spring day is not working for me. I think I will just go home.
After beginning to unwind; suddenly my 15 year old cat jumped out of her chair and moaned and threw up everything she had eaten in recent times.