Sunday, October 30, 2011


All Hallow's Eve

I love Halloween and fall and candy corn, popcorn, cider, trick or treat bags, pumpkins, costuming as a Junk Gypsy.  Ah yes.....
Fast Forward!!!  I haven't had too much to say for a long while.  My vet of 30 years made an "over confident" diagnosis of my cat's health. Since I had the utmost faith in his professional knowledge I followed his suggestions and almost put my cat down.
I bought her an expensive can of grain-free food as her "last meal".  Within three hours I learned that my cat's ill health was being caused by her food and the not hepatitis.  Her liver enzymes were high because of all the pills I was trying to stuff down her.  I cancelled the appointment with my vet to have the "final shot".  Actually I cancelled my vet for all time.
She has gained weight and is a very happy feline eating her grain-free food.
You have a relationship with your furbabies.  You need to trust your intuition and the messages that your pet sends you.