Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fast Forward!!!  I haven't had too much to say for a long while.  My vet of 30 years made an "over confident" diagnosis of my cat's health. Since I had the utmost faith in his professional knowledge I followed his suggestions and almost put my cat down.
I bought her an expensive can of grain-free food as her "last meal".  Within three hours I learned that my cat's ill health was being caused by her food and the not hepatitis.  Her liver enzymes were high because of all the pills I was trying to stuff down her.  I cancelled the appointment with my vet to have the "final shot".  Actually I cancelled my vet for all time.
She has gained weight and is a very happy feline eating her grain-free food.
You have a relationship with your furbabies.  You need to trust your intuition and the messages that your pet sends you.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

My kitty has been on grain free food since she was 7 weeks old.. what she had before, well- who knows.. Originally cats eat meat- no grain... who ever heard of a wild cat eating grain? lol.... grain is added as filler... typical of what a man made company will do to skirt around cost and quality...Glad u followed your intuition... Bet your fur baby is glad and I bet she is forever loyal to ya.

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

Hello Shawnee...I wanted to stop in to meet you, and Thank You for your kind comment! And to add my two cents worth to this most insightful post. I whole heartedly agree. If we could get to the root of most of our ailments, we would find our diet has a LOT to do with it.